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On Your Front Line

Every customer touchpoint in your business speaks to your brand.

It's not just about your logos and design elements.

It's not just about your advertising and products.

It's also about your people.

Your front line.

The people who speak to your customers every single day.

Your Customer Service Representatives.

Your Support Desk Engineer.

Your Front Desk Assistant.

Your Sub-Contractors.

Your Secretary.

Your Delivery Teams.

Are they trained well? Are they happy? Are they well compensated? Are they aligned? Are they appreciated? Are they well supported? Are they feeling overworked and burned out? Are they engaged? Do they understand their roles in your organization and why they are important?

If any of these answers are no, there may be cracks in your brand since a single negative touchpoint can have an impact on your customers' overall experiences. Ignoring the answers to those questions is how silent, and sometimes not so silent, churn happens.

Be mindful of taking care of those at the front of your business since they are supposed to be an extension of you.


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