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Lowgic Partners is my boutique consulting services company, founded in 2003. I've been evolving it alongside the technology landscape, with a commitment to staying lean and agile to better serve my customers and maximize value. That occasionally means pivoting when it makes strategic and business sense to do so.  

My primary goal is to help my customers and partners grow their businesses to their maximum potentials by leveraging my decades of enterprise level experiences to deliver next gen products and services to gain competitive advantages. ​I'm laser focused on execution and try to stay in a “start-up” mindset.

Leadership, strategic thinking, collaboration, communication, and transparency are at my core which translates into successful outcomes for my clients.​

One of my mottos is "success in all ways, always." While I am a solo practitioner, I'm open to synergistic partnerships that help scale value for everyone involved, so feel free to reach out through my contact page if you are interested in a potential collaboration.

-Greg Madhere


(That's what they said...)

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