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On The Tiny Touches

Skipping the tiny touches can lead to missed opportunities to delight.

For example, let's say you're a Product Manager for an app.

No app is perfect and you want to keep iterating of course.

Each enhancement, bug fix, etc. is a change for your customer.

How effectively are you communicating that change?

I've seen some downright hilarious "read me" files and change logs.

That's a smart way to let your customers know you're thinking about their experiences end-to-end.

Apple's famous former lead designer, Jony Ive, once told an insightful story that he was taught to think about designing delightful experiences from many different angles. The example he gave was if he were designing for a drawer for a table, he'd think about how the back of the drawer would look like.

Apple's doing just fine. Tiny touches can lead to a ton of winning.


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