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On Delivery: The Agile Matrix

Updated: May 6, 2023

What is the Agile Matrix?

The Agile Matrix: The belief that the entire business world is now running Agile methodologies...and should be.

What is real?

"Agile" has no doubt been the darling of project delivery methodologies in all its various flavors for almost 2 decades. And it pretty much sells itself. I mean, who doesn't want to be or be seen as more agile? It's what the cool kids are doing. Am I right? So naturally anything deemed agile or agile adjacent gets a ton buzz: media, training, conferences, commercials, etc.

But at best we're living in an existence with a hybrid/amalgamation of methodologies. At worst, it's still a predominantly Waterfall world. Many large organizations are either still in denial that they need to do anything agile, are just starting with "experiments" in pockets of their orgs, are running some sort of hybrid, have failed, or have failed and are starting over.

It's similar to how many Apple iPhone/Mac users there seem to be in the world, especially with how much marketing muscle and product placement there is. But the reality is that Android and Windows PCs still dominate in terms of market share by a significantly wide margin.

The reality distortion field is real on so many levels.

Red or blue pill?

So my advice is to take the red pill. Embrace agile, but also embrace that in the real world, the Agile Matrix lives along side the Waterfall Matrix. Neither can ignore each other, at least not for long. Each will try to compete for space and marketshare. Each has their place.

Learn both.

Be an interpreter.

Be an integrator.

Be a bridge.

Be adaptive.

Be the one.


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