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On Your Strategic Fingerprint

Every human has a unique set of fingerprints. Even twins.

Strategies can and should be like fingerprints. While they can be similar, almost identical, when applied to different individuals or organizations, they can yield distinct outcomes.

There are no generic, cookie-cutter strategies that work in all cases, at all times, for all people.

All the things that can lead to a variance in outcomes include, but are definitely not limited to:

Your goals.

Your planning.

Your people.

Your processes.

Your execution.

Your experience.

Your values.

Your culture.

Your tools.

Your technology.

Your brand.

Your products and services.

Your market.

Your strengths and your weaknesses.

Your appetite for risks.

Your pain points.

Your grit.

Your expectations.

A copy & pasted strategy will get you only so far, and may even backfire. Other similar organizations may look like you, but don't have your exact organizational makeup.

And it's highly unlikely you know their situations exactly, unless you're doing some MI6 level espionage.

By all means, get inspiration. However, considering your uniqueness can lead to customizing a strategy that effectively reflects it.

This is creating your own strategic fingerprint. Your own individualized path to winning.


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