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On The Triple Constraints of Healthy Relationships

Whether it's business or personal, healthy relationships at minimum require:

  1. Sublime communication which leads to

  2. Unshakeable trust that fosters

  3. Deep respect

Stellar, transparent communication acts as the foundational glue for the other two, since the smallest breakdown in communication can result in a deterioration of trust, followed quickly by respect.

Then it's over. You're in the toxic zone and getting out of it is exceptionally hard, if not impossible.

Perhaps in the future we may evolve as a species to read minds, or leverage neuralink technology.

Until then, if you want to build better, stronger relationships, make outstanding communication both a focal point and a non-negotiable.

Doing this will provide fertile ground for trust and respect, which are accelerants for partnership and growth.

Pro Tip: When you believe you've achieved a level of communication excellence, don't stop. Keep working at it. Never assume that it can't be better. That assumption would be the first step towards relationship breakdown.


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