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On The Simplest Viable Anything

Most of us overcomplicate things.

Our ideas. Our words.

Our processes. Our plans.

Our products. Our businesses.

Our execution. Our deliveries.

Our lives.

Is it because we are somehow impressed, or think that others will be, by the tremendous effort a complicated thing appears to need to exists?

What are we trying to justify exactly?

While the effort may be impressive, the juice isn't always worth the squeeze.

The most impressive things I've witnessed are when the simplest ideas generate massive outcomes and impact, even if it's over time.

Benefits of simplicity are:


Reduced costs.

Less stress.

Unblocked barriers to getting started.

Increased speed.

But simple isn't easy.

It's actually very hard to start simple, and even harder to keep simple.

And that challenge is what gives simplicity its value.


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