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On Rinse & Repeat

Showing up everyday whether you see results that day, or the next, or not at all, is what separates people who expect to win immediately, from those looking to win long term.

Too many quit when outcomes don't materialize overnight, which leaves opportunities for those who remain focused and relentless.

Having the stamina and the grit to keep going over 5, 10, or more years, is often the consistency needed to see real success.

Yes set goals, but also focus on mastering the process on the way to your goal. Work just as hard for an audience of none, an audience of one, or an audience of one million.

Commitment to the process itself, day in and day out, learning, iterating, improving it along the way, and taking pride in those smaller, interim victories has a compound effect.

Do the work. Rinse and repeat until you win.


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