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On Optimizing

Before you quit on your existing idea because things didn't work out as planned, did you take the time to process where things went wrong?

Did you capture any data and pull together any insights as to why things didn't work out?

Maybe you don't need to have a brand new shiny idea that you think will revolutionize the world.

You could possibly look at all the old, dusty, existing ideas and:

Modernize them.

Remix them.

Repackage them.

Introduce them to new markets.

Optimize them.

Products and services are not one size fits all. There is no such thing as flawless execution.

Every competitor has a blind spot or weakness ready to be exploited.

Optimizing something that already exists in some form or fashion can save time, energy, and resources vs. starting from scratch.

So when the ideas aren't flowing, look at what's already out there and figure out what would make it faster, stronger, safer, simpler, more profitable, or more inclusive.

In today's world, opportunities abound to optimize ideas and win.


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