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On Old School vs New School

In formal education you’re told whom your teachers will be based on whom the school principal, board of education, dean, board of directors deems is worthy, or even crosses the competency line by a hair. Qualifications aside, you don’t really have a choice in the matter if they’re a gatekeeper on your path to graduation and degree success. Unless you switch schools of course.

And if you’re considering switching schools, consider the New School.

The New School offers you the luxury option of selecting your teachers often for the minimum price of your internet connection. Anything that doesn’t require a license to practice can be learned and used to grow yourself personally and professionally. You can thank these New School teachers with a YouTube like, a book purchase, or a seminar investment. Today, more than at any point in human history you can curate whom you learn from affordably. Subscribe or unsubscribe at will.

Switch at will.


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