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On Making Good Choices

It's never a good idea to wait until you're hungry to make a food choice.

You're at high risk for binging on a whole lot of tasty, but bad for you meals.

Unless, of course, you already have good habits and systems in place, like carrying snacks with you or having a healthy go-to meal already pre-planned.

It's also never a good idea to wait until you're completely left with no gas in the physical, mental, and spiritual tanks to make a business decision.

You become high risk for giving up. Retreating too soon. Throwing it all away. Walking away from challenges. Shrinking your dreams.

Burnout is a terrible place to operate from.

Your ideas, and the choices that are derived from them, need a healthy environment for maximum efficacy.

This means working hard, but planning for rest intentionally. Not waiting until you're exhausted.

Take mini breaks as a reward for your hard work.

It also implies a concerted focus on physical and mental health, which are deeply intertwined.

Exercise. Meditation. Therapy (mental or massage). Change of scenery.

These are habits that can become a systematic way to address burnout.

It's about creating a healthier space for the best ideas to flourish, best choices to be made, and most of all, minimizing regrets.

Less regrets equals more winning.


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