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On Feedback

The feedback loop, whether you're giving or receiving, is an essential part of any relationship, engagement, collaboration, and even life.

Imagine going through your entire existence and getting zero feedback, good or bad?

Could you even survive?

If I know you like something, I can choose to keep doing it, or building on it.

If I know you hate something, I can also make a choice.

Feedback can give you data points and metrics to baseline that you can measure against.

People should embrace feedback. Build it into the plan. Design for it. Adapt to it.

Note that failure and temporary setbacks are also forms of feedback.

That's why there's an ongoing mantra about failing fast, so you can learn what needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Feedback creates opportunities for growth, iterations, and pivots.

Getting and giving constructive feedback should be a non-negotiable in all of your relationships if you want to improve and win.


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