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On Distractions

There are healthy and unhealthy distractions.

Some are tied to consumption for consumption's sake, and serve no purpose other than to keep you from the real work that needs to get done.

They're the cheap and easy dopamine hits that can give you a false sense of accomplishment, but are really there to take your eye off the ball.

For example:

Scrolling through your <insert favorite social media feed>.

Clearing irrelevant emails to try to get to the sacred inbox zero.

Trying to stay in the top 3 spots in the Duolingo league.

Don't judge!

But as mentioned, not all distractions are bad.

Some are needed for the mind to de-stress, find inspiration, recharge, and regain focus.

Reading a book.

Playing with your kid or fur baby.

Going for a walk outside and taking time to appreciate some nature.

You can generally tell the different distractions apart by how you feel afterwards.

Guilty or reinvigorated?

Distractions are certainly needed. Just try to leverage and double down on the ones that help you win.


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