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On Deprioritizing Busyness

If you think keeping your team (or yourself) busy equates to productivity, think again.

How many teams know they've been busier than ever, but are still missing financial goals?

Does having all the paperwork done, working overtime every week, or maximizing billable capacity result in your customer's success or their happiness with your product or service?

Keeping busy fills up the time bucket, checks off boxes, and masquerades as productive work.

Yes some things might get done, but are they the right things to get done right now?

You can track how many balls per hour you're throwing, but does this matter if none of them are hitting an intended target? Where's the value?

With half of the year left, focus on prioritization, so you're not burning your teams out.

Then measure the metrics that actually provide actionable insights to move the needle.

TL;DR: Be less busy to be more productive is a simple, winning strategy.


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