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On Consistency

I'm guesstimating it was about 30 years ago my high school economics teacher, Mr. Bennet, had a real talk with me.

I don't recall why my grades were erratic in his class, but essentially he told me the one thing that resonates (haunts) until this day:

"You'll be successful if you can be consistent."

Truer words have never been stated, and needless to say, fast forward multiple decades, I'm still a work in progress.

I've taken the approach of trying to be more consistent with small things, rather than with large efforts.

Stringing enough of these smaller consistencies to form good habits that create a sort of halo effect on other areas.

Happy to say it seems to be working. Not perfect by any means. No one bats 1000.

You could say I'm consistently working on consistency.

But Mr. Bennet thank you for taking the time to plant that seed in my head all those years ago on what it takes to win.


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