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On Why I Deleted My Substack Account

Some things are no brainers.

Some things take no brains. Like automation.

This morning I received this email:

"It appears that you have been missing recent notifications from the Substack app. To ensure you receive posts from your subscriptions, we've automatically resumed email updates. If you'd like to pause emails again, you can change your settings in the Substack app."

Substack in its grand wisdom created an automation that checked my app activity, changed my notification preferences which I set at sign up without my consent, and notified me as if they did me a favor.

Anti-consumer much?

What other decisions will they decide to override for me since they apparently feel entitled to do so? What else would they opt me back into that I clearly opted out of? Where does the overstepping end?

I'll never get answers to those questions since I deleted my account and the app from my phone.

Not showing respect for your customers is a guaranteed way to start losing them.

To quote Lauren Hill, "You might win some, but you just lost one."


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