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On What Would You Say...You Do Here?

AI cartoon figure on a screen asking two cartoon figures seated at a table, "What Would You Say...You Do Here?"
What Would You Say...You Do Here?

The AI consultants are here.

And if they're not at your doorstep yet, they will be soon enough.

It's doubtful the writers of the 1999 cult classic Office Space knew how this one line could play out in the future. It continues to resonate, and is actually more relevant than ever.

There's a shift in value, amongst other things, happening as I type this. No one can say for sure what will happen. As literal stock in artificial intelligence rises, will the value of rare things created by "organic intelligence" rise as well?

Unlike Richard Riehle's character, Tom Smykowski, in the film, think carefully about what your answer will be when they ask you what you do here.

P.S. - This is the first of a new series on things I find interesting tech. It's a bit of a carry over from a blog I had attempted called TechCultured. Coincidently, that's also the name of this new category of posts.


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