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On Showing Up Daily

Updated: May 6, 2023

I've read several of Seth Godin's books and have followed him over the years across the web. He's got a brilliant mind for marketing and is a legend in the space. Recently I came across an interview he did with another gentleman I've been keeping up with as of late, Chris Do who is a teacher, brand expert, and award winning designer.

Watching the interview, it reminded me of something that I always found remarkable about Seth. He's written on his blog every single day for over a decade. Long post. Short posts. Doesn't matter. Writing it turns out reinforces critical thinking. It sharpens the mind. Essentially, it's a workout for the brain. With more than 10 years of daily posts, that's a lot of reps!

In the agile delivery world, there's the concept of the daily stand up. You meet with the core team every day in theory for 15 minutes (in reality it almost always ends up being 30), and the primary goal is to keep the team in sync during the delivery process. But the side benefit of this ritual is creating the habit of showing up every day. You show up every day for the team, but also for yourself.

Being inspired by Seth's commitment to showing up every day, getting his reps in, and sharpening his skills, I'm going to try my hand at the daily post starting today. It's a hard act to follow, but I'm looking forward to the benefits I know it will bring in the long run.


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