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On Peace Time

Generally speaking, many soldiers struggle during peace time.

They're traumatized by the chaos of war.

A similar effect happens to those who endure chaos in the workplace, a type of civilian war.

Lots of busyness, with a little productivity sprinkled in.

Go! Go! Go!

50. 60. 80-hour work-weeks!

Rinse and repeat.

Then nothing.

It's peace time.

Sometimes it's at the very beginning in a new workplace, having come from a chaotic work environment.

Sometimes this happens during a professional's tenure.

Many times it comes during retirement.

Peace time is foreign to some people used to hustle culture, and environments that don't set priorities appropriately.

If viewed through the correct lens, peace time is an opportunity to rest and reflect on lessons learned.

It's an opportunity to train and sharpen the wheel.

Peace time gives you time to revaluate what's working and what's not with your strategy at work and in life.

If you're gifted with peace time, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Peace time gives you time to breathe, so that you can keep winning.

However, peace time itself is winning.


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