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On Motivation

"People love their work when they have creativity, control, and impact." - Cal Newport

If you want to achieve peak performance, peak productivity, peak happiness, then the next time you face an opportunity whether it's a job, project, or joint venture ask yourself:

Will I have space for my creativity?

What control do I have over my time, my location, and my choices?

Will this work have an impact or is it just to keep busy? And if you haven't heard, busy is not productive.

According to Cal Newport, these rare opportunities to have creativity, control, and impact in your work require rare and valuable skills to exercise the leverage needed to attain them.

While challenging to check the boxes for all three at any given time, it's important to develop the required leverage, while incorporating these questions into your decision making to act as selection criteria for work that motivates you to show up every day to deliver your best.

To show up every day and win.


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