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On Independence Day 2023

As the late Stephen Richard Covey had expressed in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, while interdependence is a higher level step, we still need to achieve the vital intermediary step of independence on our road from dependence.

Being independent is an incredible achievement in itself. Most people remain in a dependent state all of their lives and in different aspects.

While it's ok to have an independent mindset, having the mindset alone isn't enough on its own.

Identifying the dependencies in your life, coming to terms with them, and developing an action plan to remove them are some steps to take.

Some examples can be being dependent on family or a single source of income.

Maybe you're dependent on a single supplier or vendor.

Perhaps you've built your business model to be dependent on someone's else's. Think Apple's third party ecosystem.

Coincidentally identifying and removing dependencies is an essential part of project management.

Becoming self-sufficient is a purpose worth pursuing, a big win that should be celebrated.

The next evolutionary step is to find an independent partner and win together.


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