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On Decluttering

Clutter is toxic ground for ideas to flourish.

The relationship between your physical space and your mental space is symbiotic.

Often for ideas to flow, your spaces need to be decluttered.

Clearing your physical space can lead to mental clarity.

But clutter, both physical and mental, can be symptomatic of too much work in progress.

Too much "multi-tasking".

Too much multi-tasking, also known as task switching, reflects a lack of prioritization.

In quite the literal sense, you can't have more than one priority.

Attempting more than one priority at a time is counterproductive and causes bottlenecks.

Prioritization means doing the one, single thing that will have the most impact.

Removing everything that isn't the single priority, a form of decluttering, is what leads to a fertile environment for the best ideas that will have the most impact to grow, survive, thrive, and win.


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